Hi, this is a special project team at ATL.

We posted the article about the project “Female college students produced a smart accessory design by themselves!” in progress, and we are reporting the follow-up this time. Real female college students think up the designs of wearable devices which they want to use in daily life. This time we will see how the project went.


First of all, the female college students had meetings several times, and they worked to solidify the image of the design that they really want to visualize. They said, “The accessories we want to put on are different each day because we change them with the styles of the clothes, the feeling, and the places we go change”. They also said about the wearable devices, “We don’t want to put on the same design of a wearable device every day”. To put on the various kinds of accessories is one of the ways they enjoy themselves. Although the usage in sports wearable device is limited, we find it important to have design variations for daily life. The students brought some accessories which they usually put on. By telling what magazines the students read and where they go, they and the designers arrived on the same page, which solidified their image.




The Rikejo students had a talk in a different way. For example, they spent a lot of time in school and research centers, and “on” and “off” time were distinctly different. Particularly, some of them wear white coats all the time in schools, and they cannot often put on accessories. The Rikejo students focused on the situation of usage; for example, they want to receive notifications only when they get an important message. Besides that, the students with long hair need to tie back their hair, and those students proposed a wearable device which looks like a chouchou (a kind of hair accessories of which shape is like a doughnut). Be fashionable, not so special, but useful… the ideas of how to use the wearable designed by the female students are shaped and refined step by step.




The designers accepted the female students’ ideas, and they submitted the image of the rough sketch, and then they kept working, having the same ideas as the students. What design comes out? We will report how it goes next time.