Hello, my name is Sugawara. I work in IoT Research for Recruit Technologies ATL.

In the past, we have made announcements about our research into the remote control of IoT devices. On this occasion, we have worked on new development that allows remote control of devices through the use of mesh networks.

We use the 920MHz wireless band and a wireless communication system capable of long-distance communications, offering favorable signal loopback performance. This has enabled us to use a mesh network to provide a highly efficient IoT control platform.

The test environment is structured as shown below, where D (920MHz-3G bridge) receives IoT control commands from a control server on the Internet. A (BLE-920MHz bridge) then receives these control commands by communicating through the mesh network and sends them on to the IoT device using BLE.


The path through the mesh network is set dynamically depending on the distance between the devices. Therefore, based on the device configuration shown below, with the relationship:

BD < CD < AD

then communications from D


would be transmitted through the path D-B-A as shown below.


In addition, if device B were to suffer a fault, communications would be rerouted to the next nearest device C as shown below, in order to reach A.


Now, let’s take a look at this system actually in operation.

This concludes my report on the implementation of a remote control system for IoT devices using a 920MHz mesh network.