Pepper, which debuted at Ario Hashimoto’s SUUMO Counter during Golden Week 2015, started serving customers at Tokyo Station’s Yaesu Underground Mall and at Minami Sunamachi Sunamo today.

Service Period: September 9 to 23, 2015

-Tokyo Station Yaesu Underground Mall SUUMO Counter



-Minami Sunamachi Sunamo SUUMO Counter



This version includes many changes, such as the addition of a “new housing service guide function”, an increase in the “whack-an-animal” game from four to 20 types, QR code display for “individual consultation reservations”, and an updated conversation engine, etc.

Functionality includes the same functions as before, but the applications have been updated from before, and stability is also greatly improved. The chassis used is the developer version of pepper, but the latest Ver.2.3 model is also scheduled for introduction periodically.

Make sure to drop by if you’re in the neighborhood!

Check the press releases and media articles for details.

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