We released Recruit Jobs Panda ICHIRO using the LINE business connector on the 8th of July.

In this service, we use Solr, which is the Natural Language Processing technologies developed at ATL and it enables the computer to make a reply in a natural way as a human does. Moreover, it does not make a quick reply to a LINE message from a user, but by taking some time as a human hits keys, we contrive ways to make it feel as if a human leaving a comment.

<Main features>

Feature 1: Communication

Chatting: It replies to a message based on the content that it receives.

Famous sayings: It returns a famous sayings relating to the job when posed distress is shown and giving advice for the job.


Feature 2: Searching a part time job

Job information: People can receive a matched recruitment when they talk to the locations and kinds of the jobs.

Location information: People can receive job information for an area by sending their location information.

Present: We will give a special stamp to the users who are eager to find a part time job. This will be implemented this fall.

写真 2

Feature 3: Supporting a job life

Calculating salary: It displays the amount of salary by calculating it once users tell it the time to begin and to finish.

Notification of your shift: It sends them a notification before their shift begins once they give their job availability.

Weather information: They can receive the convenient information such as weather information for the day before the job starts.

写真 3

<A charge for use>


<How to use it>

Search “Ichiro PANDA” from the official accounts in LINE or with “Add Friends” capture with the QR code below.

<Brief summary of the system>


In this service, by using UIMA and Solr which we are good at in ATL, Ichiro PANDA makes a real conversation with the user, and it extracts the information needed from the business data and weather information API depending on the context of the conversation, which enables it to create a reply to the user.

In ATL, by developing more technologies in Natural Language Processing and by making it possible to have a natural conversation with people and computers, we aim to keep trying so to make life more convenient. Please look it a look!